The Wayback Machine initially referred to a fictional machine from a part of the cartoon known as “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” used to transport Mr. Peabody and Sherman back in time.
The term "Wayback Machine" has been excitedly adopted by popular culture as method to propose transporting one's thoughts back to a historical time and place.
The "Wayback Machine" here referred to the Wayback Machine at Internet Archive that is used by internet users to visit some of the past web pages that may no longer be available now.
The Internet Archive ( has capitalized on the popular use of the term "Wayback Machine" and uses this term as the name for the archives of the previous World Wide Web snapshot.
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine immediately transports users to web pages of the past, an experience that can be strikingly similar to Mr. Peabody and Sherman's adventures.
This service allows users to see past archived versions of the current web pages. This is what the Archive calls a "three dimensional index."
Wayback Macine Website (
For example, I wana see how Yahoo! site looks like in 10 more years back. I type in "" and press the button "Take Me Back".
Here's the list available results generated for previous versions of Yahoo! site.
Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 1996. Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 1997.
Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 1998.
Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 1999.
Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 2000. Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 2001.
Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 2002.
Snapshoot of Yahoo! site in year 2003.
Yahoo! site in year 2008 now compared to previous version, we can see there are many differences.
So far, limitations exist due to a large portion of webpages are voluntarily excluded by website administrators whom not wishing to have their whole sites archived. Achieve to some university or government institutions are not available and access to some websites can be blocked by the site owner via robots.txt. These resulted in limited functionality of this Internet Wayback Machine.