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ESTSoft ALZip | 6.44 Mb ALZip 7.4: For all your file compression needs, ALZip opens virtually every archive format imaginable. From ALZ and ACE to ZIP and ZOO, it even opens CD images too. Lost a ZIP password? Get it back with the ALZip password recovery tool. Create SFX files with cute ALZip icons, manage your ZIP and archive files with the intuitive ALZip explorer interface, and create or extract archives in 2 clicks. Try ALZip and see for yourself: • 100% Fully Functional • 36 Archive and Compression File Formats (More than 36 file extensions) - Open CD Burning File Formats: ISO and BIN - Open Virtual CD Files: LCD • Password Recovery • Create SFX (EXE) Files • Create Spanned Archives Over 2600 Volumes • Unlimited Archive Size with ALZ • More Information...
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RSIGuard Stretch Edition v4.0.21

RSIGuard Stretch Edition v4.0.21 | 28,3 Mb RSIGuard Stretch Edition helps you avoid getting a repetitive strain injury (RSI) from computer use. RSIGuard's BreakTimer feature contains a realistic strain model that gives stretch break suggestions when they're needed, and doesn't bother you when they're not. The AutoClick feature is an artificially intelligent mouse-clicking feature that nearly eliminates shoulder and wrist pain from mouse usage -- the leading cause of RSI. KeyControl allows you to create effort-saving macro hotkeys as well as remap your keyboard to be more efficient. RSIGuard provides customizable microbreak awareness reminders with its ForgetMeNots feature. Around the globe, health and safety managers, workers' compensation managers, physical therapists, medical practitioners, ergonomists and individual computer users rely on RSIGuard's comprehensive set of tools to: • Proactively identify risks of repetitive strain injuries early • Reduce the risk of injuries • Increase injury prevention program efficiency RSIGuard reduces RSI risk by: • Reducing mouse and keyboard-related strain exposure • Helping you to take rests when you need them • Helping you monitor your work patterns in order to prevent or diagnose the cause of problems Your organization is introducing RSIGuard to its employees for several reasons: • Preventing injuries is better than reacting to injuries • Injuries and fatigue lead to loss of productivity • Injuries can raise insurance premiums, hurting you and your organization • RSI symptoms can affect your ability to work and enjoy life

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