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Holdem Genius v1.5.0

Holdem Genius Texas Holdem Odds Calculator | 2,4 MB
Play all of your Texas Holdem hands like a pro with Holdem Genius - the most advanced Texas Holdem odds calculator and the ultimate weapon for playing technically perfect Texas Holdem hands. Every Poker Odd Imaginable Pot and hand odds on every card, exact hands that can beat you, odds of drawing out, advice for multiple games at once... Holdem Genius takes odds calculations to the next level. The Most Accurate In-Game Advice Possible Holdem Genius uses advanced mathematical algorithms to consider multiple variables -opponents, position, fold depth, pot odds - so you get the most accurate poker advice possible. Unmatched Ability to Act Quicker and Smarter Never waste time and energy calculating odds in your head. Holdem Genius lets you use time to your advantage: Find tells. Steal more pots. Focus entirely on fine-tuning your game. Perfectly Customized to Your Playing Style Want to be a purely tight-aggressive player? Never want to call in the small blind unless your hand is in the top 5%? Set up Holdem Genius exactly to your preferred style and adjust easily as the game develops. RELEASE iNSTALLATiON 1.) Install application. 2.) Copy the patcher from /crack dir into app's dir. 3.) Apply patch and start winning some money! NOTE! NOTE! You HAVE TO let the application connect to internet when you install it, else it will just give you an error nag box and won't even install. After you have installed and patched the app, you can block all it's internet connection attempts, the server-check is patched. And as always with this kinda releases, please do use your brains before blaming us for a bad crack. See the website for all the supported +100 poker rooms.. Download Holdem Genius v1.5.0 Download Now

SecureKit Secure Password Manager v2.3.2

SecureKit Secure Password Manager v2.3.2 | 2 MB
Secure Password Manager is a Password Manager product from securekit.net, get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating, Secure Password Manager is the right solution. It is a desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. You can store and track names, passwords, credit cards, program serial numbers and confidential notes in an encrypted form securely and easily. You can automatically fill in data in any software (IE, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, MSN...). This software uses industrial strength 256-bit AES/ Rijndael/ Blowfish encryption to keep your passwords secure. Secure Password Manager is well designed to let you store and track names, passwords, credit cards, program serial numbers and confidential notes in an encrypted form securely and easily. It can automatically fill login information for you. Features include password generator, backup options, auto complete sequence editor, lock, windows clipboard support, and clipboard clearing. You can organize your information into custom folders and categories, copy usernames and passwords to the clipboard and search for specific entries. Secure Password Manager 2.1 is multi-user support. As a result, you only have to remember one password, the one to your account. Secure Password Manager Features: Auto completion: Secure Password Manager is browser independent! It allows you to automatically complete fields in ANY application, such as a web page, program serial number, software login (MSN, ICQ, etc). A well organized way to store your passwords in groups. High security standards: It uses industrial strength 256-bit AES/Rijndael/Blowfish encryption to keep your passwords secure. Lock Application: This way you can safely leave Secure Password Manager running on your computer without the risk of having someone else looking through your passwords. Random password generator (not only for usage with Secure Password Manager). Friendly and easy to use interface. Auto backup for your password files. Auto complete sequence editor to create your own auto complete templates by request. Multi-user support. Quickly access any account from a drop-down box. The license of this antivirus & security software is Free Trial Software, the price is $18.95, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of Secure Password Manager, you can buy this antivirus & security software. Download SecureKit Secure Password Manager v2.3.2 Download Now

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