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How To Close Inactive Startup Programs

JustCloseSomeTasks is a free utility, which lets the users to monitor all running programs. You can use this tool to kill the unused running programs with just pressing a hot key. Moreover, we can also manually select or deselect tasks to close by opening the main programs windows. This program can easily detect inactivity programs whether we need them actually or not.

if you’re listening to music in the background while doing other things, your media player will likely get added to the list of inactive tasks which will be closed if you just start hitting your hotkey. So that you can select or deselect the programs as you wish to have the different experience.


How To Backup Orkut Contacts And Testimonials In a Click

If you want to change your Orkut account or if unfortunately, your account is disabled means you cannot remember all contacts, scraps and testimonials. In such a situation you can use this Orkut Backupmate this will be very useful to create backup of everything in your Orkut account. With this tool, you can have a stress free work. Already an earlier version of this tool has been developed for making users happy. This latest version of this tool will allow you to save your friend list along with their mail IDs.

This tool is available in English and Brazilian. After navigating to the corresponding page just enter the data to start the process. •After beginning the process you have to wait for a moment. •Once the page loading is set to complete you will have all your friends listed with the details. •Now you can save or download the backup by choosing necessary options.

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