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JetBrains Resharper v4.5.1231 And Ashampoo ClipFisher v1.20

JetBrains Resharper v4.5.1231

ReSharper in a nutshell Simply put, ReSharper is a must-have productivity tool for .NET developers. It fully integrates with Visual Studio to intelligently and powerfully extend the functionality that is native to Visual Studio. ReSharper provides solution-wide error highlighting on the fly, instant solutions for found errors, over 30 advanced code refactorings, superior unit testing tools, handy navigation and search features, single-click code formatting and cleanup, automatic code generation and templates, and a lot more productivity features for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML, and XAML. ReSharper: benefits for you and your business ReSharper doesn't just make a developer's life easier. It creates value for your business on several distinct levels, which include developers, project management, and your business as a whole. As developers are made more productive and able to produce higher-quality code, project managers can keep on top of their projects, so that your overall business is more competitive and cost-efficient than ever, with an improved bottom line to boot. Watch this presentation or print this PDF to learn more about the benefits (and ROI analysis) — and start reaping the benefits. What's New in ReSharper 4.5 ReSharper 4.5 delivers a great performance boost, new features and more. Performance and Memory Usage Improvements ReSharper loads and works faster and more smoothly in general, particularly on big solutions: now it takes 20 to 40 percent less time until the solution is ready for code editing. Website loading time has been reduced by 30%. Other accelerated operations include: renaming symbols, finding commonly used symbols, creating symbols from usage, and analyzing large XAML files. Memory requirements for analysis of jumbo autogenerated code files have been reduced. Solution-Wide Code Inspections To detect unused non-private members on the fly, we have improved our solution-wide analysis by introducing a set of specialized code inspections. They only work when you let ReSharper analyze your whole solution and help you discover: unused non-private declarations; unused return values of non-private methods; unaccessed non-private fields; unused parameters in non-private members. VB9 Support Visual Basic .NET developers can now benefit from VB9 language support that includes implicitly typed local variables, object initializers, anonymous types, extension methods, lambda expressions, partial methods, and embedded XML. VB9 support is all around you, courtesy of new context actions, code completion, refactorings, and Parameter Info, among other supporting features. Extended Naming Style Configuration You can now define custom naming style settings for different languages and symbols including types, namespaces, interfaces, parameters, method properties and events, static and instance fields etc. Use them to precisely align the way ReSharper completes and generates code with your specific coding guidelines. Other Enhancements Go to Implementation — Jump from usage of a base type or member straight to any of its end implementations. New and Improved Refactorings — Added Inline Field and refactored many other refactorings for greater performance. Native MSTest Support — Finally provided natively in ReSharper on par with nUnit support. Wider Cross-Language Capabilities — More efficient quick-fixes and context actions in many cross-language scenarios, as well as increased coverage for XAML and ASP.NET. Smoother Language and Framework Support — Improved compatibility with F#, Compact Framework, Silverlight 2 and other languages and tools. System requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Processor: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz (preferably Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz). RAM: 1GB (preferably 4 GB). Disk space: 100 MB. Software: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Service Pack 1 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Language: English Size: 29.27 MB Download JetBrains Resharper v4.5.1231 Download Now

Ashampoo ClipFisher v1.20

Ashampoo ClipFisher - program to view and save the streaming video from the Internet on your computer. To use the tool to specify the web address of the streaming broadcast and the program saves the chosen film in formats FLV or WMV. In addition, the program allows you to specify the quality, which will continue the video, as well as limit the size of the final file at which, the record will be terminated. If necessary, means the utility can view a downloadable video file. Main features: Transfer videos from YouTube, MyVideo, ClipFish, Metacafe, sevenload, VideU, MySpace and GoogleVideo Maintaining an online video in FLV format Converting video in WMV format Separation of large-size video into several parts Adjust the size and video quality for your individual requirements All parameters can be fine-tuned manually Built player that can play the video immediately Convenient and friendly user interface OS: 2000/XP/Vista Size: 18,4 Mb Download Ashampoo ClipFisher v1.20 Download Now

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