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Ntoskrnl is missing or damaged

During the logging session of Windows, below error message displays on your monitor: NTOSKRNL is missing or damaged


1. Insert the installation CD and boot Windows. 2. At the prompt, press R (to repair). 3. Select the partition on which Windows is installed. 4. Enter the name of the drive containing the installation CD for Windows (D: or E: etc.). 5. Enter the following command and then confirm and press Enter: cd i386 6. Enter the following command, replacing c: \ Windows by the location of your Windows directory: expand ntkrnlmp.ex_ C: \ Windows \ System32 \ ntoskrnl.exe7. You can now remove the CD restart your PC. The error should now be fixed.

How To Lock My Computer Via Bluetooth ? Blue Lock Is The Finest Solution

If you keep forgetting to shut down your system then this will be the greatest news for you. So that you don’t have to worry about walking out of your system. Because today we have, good software called Blue Lock. You can configure this software with Bluetooth device and it can lock down your computer when it is not in range and unlock when your Bluetooth device is in range.This is a good solution for the places where you have lot of rooms and the Bluetooth connections will get interrupted because of walls. Moreover, you can configure any Bluetooth device, which shows and set options for time out.

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