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Rename Recycle Bin in Windows

On the desktop, you can rename the My Computer, My Network Places, My Documents, and

Internet Explorer icons. Assuming you see these icons on your desktop, right−click them, and then click Rename. Other icons, like the Recycle Bin, aren't so easy. No Rename command is available for them. Now to Rename Recycle in Windows,
Go to start menu and select RUN . Enter regedit and open Windows Registry editor . In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT , search for Recycle Bins 's CLSID(Class ID) , 645FF040−5081−101B−9F08−00AA002F954E .
To rename the Recycle Bin icon to techknowl.com, set the value of LocalizedString in the key HKCR\CLSID\{645FF040−5081−101B−9F08−00AA002F954E} to techol.com by double clicking default. Afterward, click the
desktop, and press F5 to refresh its contents. The value LocalizedString usually contains something like @%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll,−8964, which means that Windows XP uses the string with the ID 8964 from the file Shell32.dll. Just replace all that with the new name techol.com.

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