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Serv-U is a powerful, easy-to-use, award-winning FTP server created by Rob Beckers. An FTP server uses the FTP protocol to share files across the Internet. Serv-U is not only 100% compliant with the current FTP standard, but also includes numerous features unique to Serv-U that make it a perfect file sharing solution for virtually everyone. Flexible FTP server (or Daemon) for all 32-bit versions of MS-Windows (Windows 2000 (Advanced) Server, 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home / Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista). Serv-U offers the following: - Easy to set up and use. - A Windows standard, with over 50000 registered users! - Support for Secure-FTP through SSL/TLS. - Support for ODBC databases for accounts. - Lots of security through passwords, read/write/append/modify rights per directory or file for each user (including Anonymous), and access restrictions based on IP address. - Fast and rock solid! - Multiple 'virtual' FTP servers can be set up on a single instance of Serv-U. - Server can be administered remotely. - Supports S/KEY one-time passwords. - Support for temporary accounts that are automatically deleted upon expiration. - Support for UL/DL ratios, disk quota limitations, network bandwidth limiting, and automatic anti-anti-time-out plus anti-hammering measures. - Full UNC path support. - Support for virtual paths. Directories or drives can be mapped to any location in a user's directory structure. - Support for 'links' such as those used in UNIX. - Full support for all 'ls' directory listing options. - Support for messages to users, or from users to the server. - Users can be put into groups for easy maintenance of large numbers. - A complete implementation of the FTP standard in RFC959, RFC1123, RFC1760, RFC2228, RFC2246, RFC2289, RFC2389 and the Secure-FTP draft. - Supports resuming of file uploads and downloads. - Configurable messages for sign-on, sign-off, login, and directory changes. - Has time-out and time-limit features, so connections are automatically cleared when idle, hung, or connected too long. - Easy to setup and maintain through a separate administrator program. For automated maintenance the settings are stored in either an .INI file, registry, or ODBC database of simple format. - Has an open architecture which makes monitoring, changing and extending the server behavior possible through external DLLs. - Logs all transactions to file and screen that can be read by other applications. Includes unique session IDs, time, and date stamps. Serv-U Corporate addresses the need for a business-class FTP server with no limitations and the ability to grow with your business. With this in mind, Serv-U Corporate allows the following: - ODBC database support - Integrated SSL Support - Unlimited domains with an unlimited number of concurrent connections - Unlimited number of user accounts - Support for directory mapping and links - Support of UL/DL ratios and quotas - Support for remote administration - Windows User NT-SAM / Active Directory Support Changes: * Added programmable server, domain, user, and group events to send email messages, display balloon tips, or execute third-party software (Serv-U Bronze, Silver, and Gold only). * Added support for SFTP versions 5 & 6 (via SSH2), in addition to SFTP versions 3 and 4. * Added support for SFTP (versions 5 & 6) attribute bits to help identify file and directory types such as read-only, system, hidden, archive, sparse, compressed, and encrypted. * Added sub-second support for SFTP (versions 5 & 6). * Added the ability to set file types via SFTP (version 5 & 6), read-only, system, hidden, and archive. * Added the ability through SFTP versions 5 & 6 to get and set file times to sub-second resolution. * Added the ability to specify the maximum SFTP version to use for users, groups, domains, or the server. * Added support for substantially faster and more efficient SFTP file transfers for clients supporting SFTP versions 5 & 6. Clients may perform reads and writes to files of sizes greater than previous SFTP versions (34,000 bytes). * Added support for "diffie-hellman-group14-sha1" for SSH key exchange. * Added support for "hmac-sha1-96" for SSH MACs. * Added the ability to change user passwords through SSH2. * Added the ability to specify a PEM file for SSL Certificate Authority (CA) certificates (Serv-U Bronze, Silver, and Gold only). * Automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS when a secure connection is required and a corresponding HTTPS listener is found. * Added a connection limit to ban an IP address for a period of time after a session has timed out. This limit is available for users, groups, domains, and the entire server. * Added user and group connection limits to enable or disable individual protocols; FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, and SFTP (via SSH2). * Added millisecond resolution to FTP file times for FTP/FTPS MLST/MLSD results. * Added millisecond resolution when setting file times via FTP (MDTM, MFMT, MFCT, and MFF). * Added an option to the FTP MKD/XMKD commands to enable creation of parent directories if they do not exist. * Added the ability to set a maximum file size for uploads for users, groups, domains, or the server. * Added new system variables; $Protocol, $OldPathName, $OldFileName, $LocalPathName, $LocalFileName, $OldLocalPathName, $OldLocalFileName, $DomainName, $DomainDescription, $FileSizeFmt, $FileSizeKB, $TimeRemaining, $NoFormatActualTransferBytes * Updated OpenSSL libraries from 0.9.8i to 0.9.8j. * Added support for UTF-8 encoded message files (welcome message, directory change messages, etc.). * Changed self-signed SSL certificate support to use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for added security. * Created a new default self-signed SSL certificate using SHA-1 instead of MD5 for added security. * Changed the installer to install the default SSL certificates even when they already exist in an installation. * Changed the logging path for HTTP_LIST to show the file name as well as the directory when listing a specific file. 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