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FlyingBit Password Keeper

FlyingBit Password Keeper | 1,6 Mb
FlyingBit Password Keeper offers a simple solution for the problem of remembering a lot of confidential information. Data is stored in a special encrypted database. Thus, even if someone gains access to the storage, it will be impossible to read information from it. Due to reliable encryption algorithms, such as AES, Twofish and Blowfish, your password database is securely protected. To read the storage, you need the password that only you know. On the whole, it is easier to memorize one password than a dozen passwords. FlyingBit Password Keeper allows you to create your database on a removable media with one click. It occupies minimum space and can work without installation. Due to this, all the necessary information is always at hand even if you work with another computer. Main features: Built-in random password generator Supporting various database encryption algorithms Auto-fill Ability to set passcards lifetime Grouping entries by categories Automatically clearing the clipboard Copying the value of a field with one mouse click Supporting custom fields Storing notes Simple and clear interface Comfortable navigation with the help of a tree-like list Working with removable media Quick passcards search Supporting operating systems from Windows 98 to Vista System Requirements: Hard drive with at least of 3MB free disk space 64MB of system memory Pentium processor Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista Download FlyingBit Password Keeper

Meldaproduction Mdrummer 2 Large Standalone VSTi v2.13

Meldaproduction Mdrummer 2 Large Standalone VSTi v2.13 | PC | 8.49 Mb
MeldaProduction has finally created the total drum solution: MDrummer. MDrummer is a highly sophisticated percussion workstation which combines features of all of current products on the market into one single instrument. Download Meldaproduction Mdrummer 2 Large Standalone VSTi v2.13
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AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD Beta

AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD Beta | 6.16 Mb
AnyDVD - program to decrypt CSS and removing the regional protection from any DVD disc in a DVD-ROM device. How about an immediate view DVD videos on your computer c DVD-ROM, the regional code is not compatible with this DVD drive, not to rewrite it to your hard drive for an hour, using special descramble tools? AnyDVD will detect this discrepancy and automatically remove the protection. It takes only a few seconds. Even if your DVD-ROM does not obezzonen, you have to watch discs from any area code. Run the DVD to record and upload the disk you want to copy. Do not have to rewrite it to your hard drive. Everything is already cracked! While copying to DVD ± RW, AnyDVD will decrypt protected data "on the fly." As a result, you get unprotected backup your DVD disc. AnyDVD is capable of deleting unwanted movie features, including subtitles and prohibition, such as copyright and FBI warnings. Also, it allows you to run external application, whenever you moved the drive to prevent the automatic launching of 'friendly' software, when you insert a DVD with video. Decode - that's not all, of what AnyDVD. You can control the speed of DVD-drive, allowing you to reduce the noise level when watching movies on your PC. And even adjust the display frequency of your monitor for standard NTSC and PAL. Also, AnyDVD descramble protected audio-CD, so you can copy them. Features AnyDVD: • decrypt CSS and removal of regional coding of DVD discs; • Removing Macrovision protection on the analog copying; • Removal of restrictions on user actions; • unvisible work as a system driver; • decryption without saving data on hard disk; • decryption on the fly; • Work with any DVD discs; • Work with any DVD-ROM devices, regardless of the regional code; • Work with any program to copy and play the DVD (for example, CloneDVD); Enabling | reg code: Is present Language: Russian, Multilanguage File size: 6.16 Mb Platform / OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista Download AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD Beta

PSRemote 1.6.5

PSRemote 1.6.5 | 5 MB
Controls Canon PowerShot cameras from a PC via a USB connection. Displays live viewfinder images on the PC screen and allows control of all the main camera settings from the PC including exposure mode, ISO and zoom. PSRemote enables Canon PowerShot camera users to: * Control the camera from a Windows PC * Operate the camera from a distance and in inaccessible locations * Take photo booth style sequences of photos and print them out automatically * See live viewfinder display on PC screen * See large high resolution previews of shots on the PC within seconds * Take better product shots for eBay and other online auctions/stores * Improve exposure control in tricky lighting conditions * Gain unrivalled control of camera settings in tethered operation * Create time lapse sequences over short or extended periods * Use motion detection to automatically take pictures for wildlife photography and security applications (requires Webcam Zone Trigger which must be purchased separately). Download PSRemote 1.6.5


DefragExpress | 1.53 MB
A New Product From DISKTRIX just launched. The DefragExpress application was designed to be a unique and clever defragger designed to make the process of defragging your hard drive as simple and fast as possible and at the same time restoring your hard drive performance file access performance to the level it should be while you are using your PC. Maintaining and minimizing hard drive fragmentation is critical to maintaining peak performance of your PC. DefragExpress is designed to replace the default defragger that comes with your Windows based operating system – or any other defragger you use, for that matter. DefragExpress is unique in that it uses a very clever method to defrag your hard drive as fast as practically possible and at the same time arranges files to minimize the rate of re-fragmentation. The defragging method used, developed at DiskTrix labs, is the most ideal one for defragging a hard drive. While all other defraggers defrag, only DefragExpress defrags with the resultant file layout that gives you fastest complete defrags and slower refragmentation. While your very first defrag may take a while, you will find that all subsequent defrags are completed from anywhere between 1 to 10 minutes most of the time – regardless of how big your hard drive and how many files. DefragExpress is very easy to use and requires no knowledge of files or fragmentation. All it requires is the ability to make a few mouse clicks here and there. Key features · Created Specifically To Be The Default Day-to-day Defragger Of Choice For EVERYONE And Every PC On The Planet · Very Simple To Use - No Knowledge Necessary - Just Press Start Defrag Unique, "Optimal" Defrag Algorithm Developed At DiskTrix Labs That: · 1. Minimizes Time To Complete Day-To-Day Comprehensive Consolidated · Defrag Runs (1 to 10 mins and usually around 2 minutes) · 2. Fully Defrags & Consolidates All Files & Minimizes Free Space Fragmentation · 3. Minimizes Refragmentation Rate To Absolute Minimum Rate Physically Possible. · 4. Places Frequently Used Files For Best Performance · Significantly Speeds Up Hard Drive File Access Performance · Comprehensive Consolidate Mode Or Fragmented Files Only · "Fun-to-Watch" Graphical User Interface That Shows File Movement & Defrag Activity · FAST! Most defrags complete in 1 to 10 minutes and usually around 3 minutes. · Positions Frequently Used Files For Fastest Performance · Consolidates And Positions Directories For Fastest Performance · Lightning-Fast Drive Analysis · Reports Defrag Time Taken (It likes to show-off just how fast it is!) · Reports Hard Drive Optimization Level · Fully Schedulable: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, System Idle · Designed to be run everyday (on your chosen schedule) · Least hard drive wear and tear amongst all other defraggers · Ability To Exclude Large Files · Ability To Shut Down Computer When Defrag Completes · Small Footprint - File Size Less Than 2 Mb · Runs As A Stand Alone Application. Does NOT Run As A Service Download DefragExpress

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