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Enhilex Medical Transcription Software v3.26

Enhilex Medical Transcription softwares v3.26 Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is a great word list tool and notebook, built specifically for MTs. Increase your productivity and easily manage patient names, doctor names, medications, medical abbreviations and lab names! Your word list and the folder list are sorted automatically for you while you're typing (no need to press a shortcut key to sort). Easily organize patients names, doctor names, medications, medical abbreviations and lab names in their own self-sorting folders. Enhilex Medical Transcription Software can hold an unlimited number of words in an unlimited number of folders. Copy and paste entire lists from notepad, MS Word or any other file. After pasting, your list is automatically sorted. The Trial version comes with the same power and features you'll find in the purchased version. So go ahead and fully discover what the software can help you do. If you like what you see, buy a convenient License Key and unlock the trial immediately — there is no need to download again. Download Enhilex Medical Transcription Software v3.26 Download Now

Super Flexible File Synchronizer 4.52a165

Super Flexible File Synchronizer 4.52a165 | 5,32 MB Back up your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space.You can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them manually or using the scheduler. The software comes with support for FTP, SSH, HTTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3. You can use ZIP compression and data encryption. On Windows NT/2000 or higher, the scheduler can run as a service - without users having to log on. There are powerful synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Exact Mirror, and SmartTracking.
Key features: - Synchronize Files (for example, between a PC and a laptop) - Multiple Profiles (sets of saved settings) - Detects Moved Files (such as reorganized folders) - With Scheduler (for automated backups) - Exact Mirror Mode (can delete files and folders if needed so mirror matches model) - Keep Multiple Backup Versions Of Each File (optional) - Database-Aware (can safely be used for database files) - Can Use Recycle Bin for older files that are overwritten - Detailed Logging if desired (see Options tabsheet) - 64 bit I/O (this means file sizes >4GB are supported) Download from Deposit Files Download from Easy-Share

Magical Jelly Lets You Retrieve Lost CD Keys

Already we have seen about password recovery tool for installed software in our system. In such a way, we are having new software called Magical Jelly. It can easily recover the all software keys installed in our system. Moreover, this Magical Jelly is an open source utility that can allow the users to retrieve and print the list of product keys of Windows Operating system and other software installed in the computer. This utility is supposed to work with Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007.


Adobe Director 11

Adobe Director 11 Adobe Director Adobe® Director® 11 and Adobe Shockwave® Player software help you create and publish compelling interactive games, demos, prototypes, simulations, and eLearning courses for the web, Mac and Windows® desktops, DVDs, and CDs. Integrate virtually any major file format, including video created with Adobe Flash® software and native 3D content, for the greatest return on your creativity. Easily create and publish interactive CD-ROM discs, kiosks, and rich Internet applications. Realize the greatest return on your creativity with cross-platform authoring and playback. Develop engaging experiences with native 2D/3D rendering and enhanced built-in physics with AGEIA PhysX technology. Engage learners by adding new dimensions to your training and simulation applications.

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Wifi Hack

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