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China Mobile PC Suite & USB Drivers

The chinese Phone models came with the USB cables but you can only use it as Mass Storage Device

The Second option of COMPORT is of no use untill you have the PC suite and the USB drivers.

PC sync Manager is the PC suite which works fine with all the chinese Phone models.

Basic features of PC sync Manager

1)Download Java to mobile Phone

2)Copy your phone book

3)Copy your SMS

4)Use your phone as modem

How to use PC Sync manager

*First download the PC sync manager and usb drivers

*install pc sync manager

*connect your mobile phone and select option COMPORT in your mobile

*Install the drivers from My Computer rightclick->properties->hardware->balloon on Comport->install drivers

*Select appropriate Comport from the PC sync Manager and enjoy

Download Pc Suite & drivers

25 Antivirus for your Mobiles

Are you facing troubles with your Mobile? If the answer is Yes then this is the right place for you. We have brought a full collection of 25 Anti-Virus Programs for your Mobile phones. Here is the List of the Antivirus Programs :

For Symbian OS 6, 7 & 8 :

  • Anti Commawarrior
  • Anti Cabir
  • Avira Antivirus
  • Bitdefender Antivirus
  • BullGuard Antivirus
  • Commander Antivirus
  • Disinfector
  • F-Secure Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • NetQin
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Panda Antivirus
  • Simworks Antivirus
  • Smobile VirusGuard
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • TrendMicro Mobile Security
  • Zeon Antivirus

For Symbian OS 9.1 & 9.2:

  • exo Virus Stop
  • F-Secure
  • Jiangmin Antivirus
  • Kasperksy Antivirus
  • NetQin Antivirus
  • TrendMicro Mobile Security

Download Link:


China Mobile Games

As per the superb response of our site users and according to their demand i m posting 5 more

chine mobile games in *.nes format

This games are in *.nes and works well with all china mobile games

I also have 40 more games in *.nes format which are even more exiting then this. Als if you want to download China mobile applications in*.nes format the plz leave your email in the comment section

If you need to download more games then leave your comment about games.

Download: china-mobile-games

Live TV on your Mobile

Using S60 application allows you to stream videos but what about T.V.

Here we have got the software 10LIVE which allow you to watch T.V. on your s60 mobile phone

10LIVE is a cell phone client software for playing audio and video, support online live television, online support feature film programming.

10LIVE support cmwap, cmnet wireless streaming media player software! 10 LIVE can be realized in low-speed networks under the condition of smooth wireless streaming video viewing experience!



Mobile Anti Theft Software

Mobile have become a common thing now a day but it is expensive and maximum chances are there it may get stolen.

Here we provide you the solution to save your mobile using the Guardian Antitheft software

Basic Features

Guardian is the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted sim card; if authentication fails, Guardian send a notification sms message to a previously set telephone number. In addition, the system features remote control functions, i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text messages/video/audio data in case of loss or theft of your mobile phone


Skype Free World Wide Calls and Free Credit

Today I was surprised to see a mail from Skype, which gave me free one month PC to landline calls to more than 30 countries. They had sent me voucher code to redeem this offer. I could not believe it initially, but it was true. I redeemed the voucher code for free PC to landline calls using Skype, and after logging into my account, I found that I have also got free Skype credit of 1 Euro.

To say about the clarity and quality of the voice while having PC to landline calls using Skype, its simply superb. You will feel as if, you are speaking to the other person just by sitting next him. Marvelous voice quality even at free of cost. You can make free calls to Australia, China, USA, UK and most of other European countries, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Canada etc.

Check your email id with which you Registered Skype for this offer mail, if you still doesn’t have a Skype account its time Register for a New one.

Turn Your Mobile Cam Into WEBCAM

If Guys don’t have a Web Camera and Still want to chat with friends on Yahoo and Skype then have a look at what we have got for you.

If you have a s60 Nokia Cell Phone with Camera you can use it like your Web Camera. The SmartCAM Application connect the PC to your mobile and it will Synchronize your Mobile with your PC so you can use your Cell Phone Camera as a Web Camera and have a Video Conferencing.

Basic features

1. SmartCAM is basically developed for the Symbian series 60 Phones with Blue tooth connectivity using which the integration of your phone cam with your PC is made easy. 2. What you need to get started is, just install SmartCAM in your PC and in your phone also. You need to have the application installed in both the terminals. 3. Connect the phone to PC via Blue tooth using the SmartCAM Application Interface. 4. Once you have connected to the PC what you need to do is to synchronize the phone with your PC so that you can easily make it function as your PC Web Camera. 5. SmartCAM works very well with Skype and Yahoo Messenger where you can video chat with your friends using your Phone’s Came.


Mobile Paint for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and S60 5th Ed. devices ready for download

If you’ve got a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone, you can let your inner Picasso come alive using this nifty new application that’s been released for Nokia S60 5th edition devices. It’s called Mobile Paint, and it works exactly as advertised.

Using the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic’s touchscreen display as a canvas, a user can draw an infinite number of things he can think of with the help of Mobile Paint. This is said to be just an “example” application, but it looks like it works real fine as a mobile paint app.

It can be downloaded straight from the Forum Nokia web site, and is contained in the SIS folder of a designated ZIP file. (download link). Forum Nokia via Symbian World

fring for Symbian S60 updated, version for Nokia 5800 promised

Nokia Symbian 9 handset users can now download an updated version of fring that doesn’t add any features but should still prove useful, as it fixes a few bugs according a post on the fring blog.

The updated version of fring for S60 Nokia Symbian 9 phones was made by R&D team in response to user feedback, making the fring experience even smoother and more reliable for users worldwide.

Users can download the latest version of fring for Symbian 9 handsets from the usual download link (here), and owners of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic can expect to do some fringing of their own very soon as promised by the fring team.Via fring

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