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Splitview Comand From Mercedes [Two People, Same Screen, Different Programs]

The new Splitview technology from Mercedes will be made available in all vehicles of the S-Class. The Splitview Comand screen is essentially an 8″ TFT-LCD color display which allows the driver and the front seat passenger to view different programs on the same screen simultaneously. So, if the driver is viewing a GPS chart on the screen, the passenger can view his favorite film, music video, or TV channel on display. This is achieved by means of pixel display in which the image seen depends upon the angle at which one is seated. A filter masking is used to segregate the combined image created from the two images, namely of GPS and the film being viewed. A neat addition and one that must have required a fair amount of research.

But what exactly does the gadget achieve? Some comfort for the travelers, of course if men are driving both driver and passenger could end up viewing the film. Ditto for women as driver and passenger, both will arrive at the directions through mutual agreement, the need to see the GPS data may not arise at all.

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