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Vphonet 1.07-32 And BoneLab

Vphonet 1.07-32

Program Vphonet lets you make free calls to other broadband Vphonet users all the time. There are no hidden payments, does not require you to credit cards, do not require you to pay anything else until you decide to change the plan or order other services. Vphonet - is a free Internet phone. Allows you to conduct video conferences, send SMS messages (for free from computer to computer or from computer to phone), forward calls, have an offline and online system to automatically answer, send video messages. Broadband service with Vphonet calls, works with DSL, cable Internet, and also with dial-up or wireless links. Russian language is available. With Vphonet your phone calls over the Internet will be accessed through the headphones, which can be connected to your PC or Laptop. With Vphonet, you can save money, enjoy better quality and get a lot of other functions on a call: forwarding calls, refusing to accept the call, blocking anonymous calls, video messages, video email, mode Handsfree, notification of missed calls, speed dialing, call transfer , denial of admission to a call by sending the text to automatically take the call, password protection, notification of contacts, address book in the history of calls, the user accounts, a multilingual interface. International calls to any phone at a price of 1.9 cents per minute. Vphonet offers a function call with the cell phone or normal telephone to any account of Vphonet worldwide. Send to Vphonet is easy, simply order one of the sets of 'My SMS'. Vphonet supported more than 600 networks on a fixed price of 0.12 dollars per SMS. Besides calling, this software will allow you to send SMS message to any mobile phone around the world. Vphonet is a SIP based VoIP soft phone that offers free calling between computers and low-cost calling to regular telephones. Vphonet offers video conferences and video messages. Included in the free service is a softphone application that can be downloaded to any laptop or desktop computer, or other computing device running Windows. A function called Calling Out enables calls to regular telephones; these calls are charged to a prepaid account. A new and free service called 'Call 252' enables calls from landline or mobile to any Vphonet user. There are two more services 'My SMS' and 'Change Vphonet Number'. Vphonet enables send SMS message to any mobile phone around the world. Vphonet's benefits, beyond the free, unlimited voice calls from your PC to any other PC in the world, and low-cost calls, are said to include easy set-up, good audio and video quality, and answering machine online and offline. After downloading and registering the software, you just plug in a headset, or a specialized VoIP phone. You use amazing features like call forwarding between Vphonet users and to any phone around the world. You add contacts similarly to the way you do for instant messaging and then, to make a call, just click the icon next to the contact. Vphonet lets you check call quality and bandwidth quality and gives the current status of all your contacts. Additional benefits in Vphonet include conference calling for up to 7 participants include chatting, sending SMS messages and, video conference at the same time. File transfers and chat, finding friends, importing and exporting contacts and. see them come online like instant messenger options are also available. With Vphonet you have your own username and Vphonet number. This valuable option will enable you to call from a regular telephone to any Vphonet user. NOTE: You will need to create an account before using this software. Here are some key features of "Vphonet": Free calls PC-to-PC: · Any call to a Vphonet user is free. No matter when, no matter where, no matter how long you want to talk. All you need is a computer and a headset or microphone and speakers to start making internet calls. Free Call forwarding: · All types of calls can be forwarded from one Vphonet user to another. Call forwarding is performed by the vpserver, and it is possible even if you are using Vphonet offline. · With call forwarding you can answer your Vphonet calls even when you are not online. Receive your calls no matter whether you are away from your home or office. Call forwarding makes you available always. Calls deflection: · Voice calls can be deflected by your Vphonet to another Vphonet number. Call deflection can be performed immediately while receiving the call, or after a preset timeout. · With call deflection you can answer your Vphonet calls even though are not currently online. So you could be away from home and deflect the call to your mobile. To start deflecting your calls from Vphonet you will need calling Credit. Thers is no additional cost for friends to call you. You can be always available for your co-workers and family. Answering machine: · You can check your voicemail through Vphonet or your account. As a Vphonet VoIP phone service customer, you can customize a voice message. To access your voicemail via Vphonet just press a single button or, if you are away from Vphonet, simply login to your account. · This feature is available when your are online and offline. Free Speed dial: · With just a push of a button, you can dial an entire stored phone number instead of dialing 7 digits or writing username. You may program up to 1000 online speed-dial numbers! So your time is spent talking, NOT dialing. · You can define speed dial numbers to frequently called users. The speed dial numbers will appear in the Vphonet address book, along with the ordinary Vphonet numbers and the additional details. To dial a speed dial number, dial * followed by the speed dial code. Call refusing: · "Refusing incoming calls" sends an instant, specifically delayed message defined by you to anyone calling you. You can answer any call before it is refused by your Vphonet. Automatically accept: · You can set Vphonet to automatically accept voice calls you want after any preset delay or instantly. You can also set Vphonet to automatically accept all types of calls: voice call, video call, file transfer or chat. Caller identification: · Caller identification allows you to block your identity when you are making a phone call. All incoming calls are indicated by a caller name and number (caller ID), unless that caller has blocked their name and number. You can hide your Caller name and Vphonet number information from anyone you call. This feature is always off until you activate it. Caller identification let you know who is calling before you pick up the phone. Indication missed call: · All missed calls are indicated on the Vphonet main window. You can access your missed calls view in your event log, sorted by date and organized by category. · So every time when somebody calls you do not answer the call, you will see the flashing icon 'Missed call'. You can access your missed calls also by login to your account. Requirements: · PC with Pentium II (or equivalent) processor and at least 128 MB of system memory. · At least one available USB port. · 100 MB of free disk space. · DirectX 7 compatible graphics adapter. · Network or Internet connection (modem 56K supported). · Sound adapter (required for the Handsfree option). · Video capture device with support for the I420 or RGB4 video protocols (required for video calls). Limitations: · Does not allow you to call traditional land line and mobile phones if you don't have purchased credit on your account Size / Size: 2.15 MB Download Vphonet 1.07-32


A teaching and learning tool for medical professionals, students and anyone who is interested in skeletal anatomy. BoneLab is a useful tool based on the integrated human 3D skeleton model with the highest level of detail presently available. Students can interact with the 3D model and create new views, colorize it, add annotations and comments and save it. Instructors can use BoneLab to teach and present anatomical content to students and patients, using predefined views. A dictionary of annotation words is automatically maintained and helps to quickly access all views related to a specific anatomical term. By adding views and annotations, the personalized dictionary will grow and will adapt to individual anatomical content, language and learning habits. The BoneLab user interface is view-centric like Google Earth's. Very compact view files can be exchanged and distributed to other BoneLab users, which makes it a valuable tool for collaboration and distance learning. With BoneLab you can study each aspect of the human skeleton and add your own annotations. NOTE: The program can run under Windows Vista in compatibility mode with Windows XP (SP2 or higher). Here are some key features of "BoneLab": · A skeletal model with 275 parts of bones, teeth, disks and costal cartilage is integrated. · Optional colorization for instant visual identification. · All parts are stored with correct Latin and English names. · The integrated online browser provides instant Wikipedia lookup for anatomical terms. · BoneLab comes with more than 60 annotated example views. · Create your own views, add labels and comments for presentation, sharing with colleagues, students and peers. Requirements: · 512 MB system memory · A 3D accelerated graphics adapter capable of displaying 32-bit color · Wheel mouse recommended Size : 14,1 mb Download BoneLab

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