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Access a microsoft windows share from the bash terminal in Ubuntu Linux Desktop


Ever want to access a windows share from your terminal? Well using ‘ mount ‘ and cifs/samba this is a snap.

Make sure you have smbfs/cifs support, on ubuntu linux distributions you can simply type apt-get install smbfs Now we need to make a directory on our hard disk where we can mount our windows share. mkdir /mnt/location

Mounting Windows Share

Now we\’re ready to mount the filesystem on our newly created directory (/mnt/location).

Mount with cifs mount -t cifs //server-ip-or-name/share /mnt/location -o username=user,password=pass,domain=DOMAIN Mount with smbfs mount -t smbfs //server-ip-or-name/share /mnt/location -o username=user,password=pass,domain=DOMAIN

Clean Up

When finished with our windows mount, we should exit the directory, or close any windows that are accessing it, and then unmount the Microsoft Windows NTFS share by using the following series of commands.

cd /; umount /mnt/location

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