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Linux dialup servers

Extracted from comp.os.linux.networking Tip provided by Josh Gentry
I would expect that lots of people out there are needing to set up
dialup servers.  I recently completed this task, and have written a
report of the process.  You can find it at:


How to use 2 modems under Linux?

Extracted from debian-user Tip provided by Kirk Hogenson Is it possible to set up two modems under Linux and use the bandwidth as one entity... 2 x 56k modems to give 112k speed? You probably won't get the full 112, but you can use two modems at the same time. You will, of course, need two phone lines... The kernel option you want is called EQL, or "serial line load balancing". It is described in section 6.2 of the NET-3-HOWTO. You'll need the eql tools, and I think there is a debian package for it in potato. MP3 encoder for Linux ? Extracted from debian-user Tip provided by Matt Garman Does anyone know of mp3 encoder for Linux? If yes, where would I be able to find one? I don't think there are Deb packages for these, but you can definately install them in /usr/local. 8hz-mp3, http://www.8hz.com bladeenc, http://home8.swipnet.se/~w-82625 Bladeenc is supposedly faster.

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