Problem: My eyebrows are very thin and go from the inner corner of my eye to maybe ¾ the length of my eye (right where they should be arching). I draw in the rest with a brow powder, but if I sweat or sleep, the half of the eyebrow that I've drawn in disappears. I've thought about tattooing them. Do you have any other suggestions for me?

Solution: There are two potential solutions to your dilemma, and thankfully neither involves committing to a tattoo! The first option would be to continue to use the brow powder you like, but setting it with a brow sealant after the product has dried. These sealants are primarily alcohol with some potent film-forming agents, and they tend to be water- and smudge-resistant. Try BeneFit's She-Laq ($24) or, better yet, a clear brow gel such as those from Cover Girl or Max Factor.

Another option is to use a matte finish, waterproof brow or eye pencil to draw on the sparse portion of your natural brow. Although I am not a fan of brow pencils, there are some great ones out there that show a marked improvement over traditional hard or greasy brow pencils, though the best of these are rather expensive. Try M.A.C.'s Eye Brow Pencil ($12.50), Christian Dior's Powder Eyebrow Pencil ($21), or Lancome's Le Crayon Poudre for the Brows ($19.50). You may find that using the pencil and painting over the line with a dab of brow sealant is your best bet for worry-free wear. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that it's unrealistic to expect makeup to stay perfect if you happen to fall asleep!

I am leery of makeup tattooing, but when you have no eyebrows hair at all, it is not an option to dismiss outright. Though I have seen some really bad makeup tattooing (cosmetic surgeons make a lot of money removing those mistakes), I have also seen some great successes. With some careful shopping and interviewing you may find a talented technician who could work slowly and artistically and give you the results you are hoping to see every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror.