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Small Lips

Problem: I have small lips. Any lipstick color I put on seems to make this more noticeable. What should I do?

Solution: To deal with small lips, do not over-line them to make them look larger. The technique of creating a new lip line works great in photographs, but in real life it looks like you missed your mouth. And, to keep up the look you have to touch up your lipstick and pencil the second any wears off. What works best is lining just to the outside or edge of your true lip line with a natural-colored lip liner. Do not wear dark lipstick because it will make your lips look smaller. A true red or any vivid color will make your lips look bigger. You can always consider cosmetic surgery procedures that enlarge lips, but that would be a last resort after experimenting with lipstick options.

Rashid Jamil

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