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Foundation Settling into Pores and Lines

Problem: What causes foundation to settle into the pores and leave tiny little spots, or settle into laugh lines? I do not know whether my moisturizer is too heavy or not heavy enough, whether the foundation is too heavy or too light, or whether I have not waited long enough for the moisturizer to be absorbed.

Solution: Most foundations contain ingredients that provide some amount of movement. If they didn't, they wouldn't blend easily and would feel dry and matte on the skin, making wrinkles look worse. But that also means these foundations can easily slip into pores, making the skin look mottled. Moisturizing when you don't need to would create even more slippage. Unless you have dry skin, there is no reason to wear a moisturizer under foundation. Too much moisturizer (not too little) or too much foundation can absolutely cause slippage into lines and pores. Once you've blended on a foundation, apply a light dusting of powder to set your makeup. Also, try blending on your foundation with a sponge and not your fingers. A flat sponge can pick up excess foundation from the skin and blend it on in an even layer. Most importantly, if you have normal to dry skin, you may want to consider changing to a more matte foundation to avoid slippage. If you have oily skin then you will want to consider an ultra-matte foundation, which won't move throughout the day.

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