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Seasonal Changes

Problem: During the winter I use an emollient moisturizer you recommend and it works great, but during the summer it seems a bit much. Should I change what I do with the seasons?

Solution: Summer can require a change in skin-care products, particularly moisturizers. Instead of the richer or more emollient moisturizers you were wearing to combat the dry heat indoors and the dry cold outdoors, consider lighter moisturizers that come in gel or gel/lotion consistencies. Keep in mind that the concept here is to cut back on the amount of moisturizer you use. Moisturizer is for dry skin, so if you don't have dry skin, you don't need moisturizer. Also, remember that no matter how much moisturizer you wear, and no matter how many antioxidants it contains, it won't change or prevent one wrinkle on your face. What a lightweight moisturizer can do is soothe dryness and make fine lines less noticeable. Nothing is erased or changed, but things your skin does appear smoother. And this is at night, right? During the day you should be using a sunscreen with UVA-protecting ingredients for your face and exposed parts or your body.

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